A few travel notes and tips from my recent trip to New York City.

I stayed… all over the place: In Clinton Hill, Park Slope, and the East Village (with friends) and at The Jane Hotel and Pod 39 (for the purposes of an article - on which, more later).

I walked… near enough everywhere. Now that I have to drive constantly in LA, I relish any opportunity to get from A to B using my own two feet. In New York, walking somewhere - anywhere - is entertainment in itself. It’s also a good way to burn off the obscene amount of delicious food that I inevitably consume every time I’m there. On which note…

I ate… incredible apple, walnut and pumpkin muffins at Blue Sky Bakery, lychee rose sorbet at SkyIce, a vibrant Mediterranean salad at Miriam, a delicious egg and spinach breakfast pizza at Pulino’s, and the best avocado toast of my life at Cafe Gitane. And much, much more besides.

I drank… tequila-heavy happy hour cocktails at Clover Club in Cobble Hill, and guava Daiquiri Cubanos at Cafe Habana in Nolita.

I shopped… at McNally Jackson’s new office wares store Goods For The Study, and spent hours browsing at the Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene.

I watched… Kendrick Lamar’s Black Hippy crew put on an excellent show at Capitale in Chinatown. Shitty sound quality, but a beautiful venue nonetheless.

I travelled… on the subway, mostly (although NYC cabs are often too cheap and readily available to refuse). It was much, much more inefficient than I remember from previous trips, but maybe I’m just getting cranky in my old age.

I loved… early morning walks on the High Line, soaking up unique energy of Brooklyn, and late night cab rides through the bright lights of midtown (the only time to see it).