Sharmadean Reid shares her travel notes from a recent trip to Jamaica. (Read her hotel guide to the north side of the island here. )

Apparently all the amazing restaurants are in Kingston….I only had time to visit the North side of the island, but I had a delicious coconut snapper fillet at Rockhouse Hotel, which is a really great, hipster boutique spot.

The best thing I ate… was jerk chicken and festival at Scotchie’s. I’d heard a lot about it and was a bit sceptical, but it was the best chicken I’ve ever eaten in my life. It’s not done in a oil drum like normal jerk chicken: they cook it on pimento wood, which flavours the chicken, and then top it with corrugated iron so it gets all black and crispy. Amazing.

The people in Jamaica are really nice…and they really love kids. People do sometimes try to overcharge you in shops and cabs, but I just fought back. It’s all chat and banter in Jamaica, there’s no point getting uneasy about it.

On an aesthetic level, I was really inspired by the interiors and the colours…All the shops and shacks that line the street are really gorgeous.

Boston Bay had a Jamaican surfer vibe that was really cool for me to see because I did this Black Surfer story for Arena Homme Plus in Venice Beach a couple of years ago, and these guys were the real thing.

The colour palette of Jamaica is just amazing: blue and pink and green and yellow, very tropical.

I got my braids done…by Torna in Port Antonio. I just found a hairdressers and she came to the house and it did it for me for $40 - it took four hours and it was really good!

Jamaican beach style changes from resort to resort. The Round Hill style is preppy American – Tory Burch, Kate Spade, resort collection chic. Everywhere else is more hotpants and flip flops.

My Jamaica look…was really good at Round Hill. I wore a lot of matching bikinis, kaftans, and striped shirts. It was all about a hoop earring and sexy hair. When I got to Port Antonio is was more laidback: a skater hat, jean shorts and flip flops.