For the next week or so I’ll be in Las Vegas for the IPW travel industry trade show, so I’m keeping my wardrobe as office-appropriate as possible, despite the 43 degree (!) heat. If you’re planning a work trip to somewhere similarly steamy, stay cool but collected in a crisp capsule wardrobe of sleek pencil skirts, loose, boxy tops, and smart (but sexy) shoes. Pack a neutral silk trouser suit that you can wear as an ensemble, or mix and match with your other pieces. And if all else fails, remember that air conditioning and blotting papers are your new best friends.

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Black Bowling Bag, ZARA

Split Front Leather Pencil Skirt, VEDA

Black Mid-Heel Sandals with Ankle Strap, ZARA

Mid Heel White ‘Shane’ Sandal, TIBI

Tailored Silk Blazer, TOPSHOP

Tailored Silk Trousers, TOPSHOP