Almond Hill Villa

Jamaica Hotel

Almond Hill
Montego Bay

This was the best place we stayed at, hands down. I did loads of research on Almond Hill and Round Hill and basically this guy Lord Monson owned the whole bit of land, which is dissected by a road. He sold the beach side to a guy called John Pringle who opened Round Hill Hotel, and on the other side he has two villas, one of which is Almond Hill.

“I would wholly recommend renting villas with staff. Price-wise, it works out cheaper than a hotel, and they prepare three meals a day. It was the best food I ate in the whole of Jamaica and the kids were always safe. There was great art on the walls, great books, a really good DVD library, loads of boardgames, lovely letter papers in the rooms… all those lovely touches. It was everything that I came to Jamaica for – to explore the country’s colonial history in a luxurious setting.”

Recommended by Sharmadean Reid in her Jamaica Hotel Tour Diary