Blockhead's Shavery

Los Angeles Cafe, Restaurant

11311 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles
CA 90025
(310) 445-8725

You’ve probably never heard of snow cream, but it’s pretty big in Asia. Xue hua bing (as it’s reportedly known in Taiwanese) is a curiously light combination of Hawaiian-style shaved ice and good, old-fashioned ice cream, which has attracted a cult US following thanks to a handful of snow ice parlours in major cities across the country.

One of these is Blockhead’s Shavery in Little Osaka, where bowls of green tea, black sesame and taro root snow cream (plus original for the unadventurous) are pimped out with your choice of sauce and toppings. Opt for one of Blockhead’s ‘build-a-bowl’ suggestions, or create your own from a menu that includes exotic offerings like condensed milk, mango puree, almond jelly, egg pudding and honey boba. The portions seem implausibly vast on first impression, but you’ll be surprised by how much of this airy dessert you can eat.