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Secret Location

Like all the best ideas, the concept behind the Boiler Room (which started in London and has now branched out to Berlin, New York and LA) is incredibly simple: the underground’s best DJ’s and artists gather in a secret location to play and perform to a private crowd. Oh, and the whole thing is broadcast live on UStream for music enthusiasts and couch potatoes worldwide. Bet you wish you thought of that, eh? Yeah. Me too.

“If I’ve got friends in town, I’d take them to Boiler Room. I feel like it’s a moment in time right now. It’s such a weird thing for people to comprehend, that they’re live streaming everything to the Internet. It’s essentially the last underground club in East London - you can walk past it and not know it’s there.”

As recommended by Sharmadean Reid.

Image via the Boiler Room’s Facebook Page.