Boston Bay Jerk Centre

Jamaica Restaurant

Boston Bay
Port Antonio

Hailed by most Jamaicans as the best jerk on the island, a trip to Boston Bay’s ‘jerk centre’ is essential for any self-respecting lover of chicken, food, and life. What sounds like a vast shopping mall structure is actually just a small cluster of corrugated iron shacks, all turning out tender fish, chicken and pork that has been slowcooked since morning on the smoky pimento wood grill.

This is where jerk was invented, so needless to say they have the formula nailed. Do yourself a favour and try something from each stand Tthe jerk pork and chicken at Gold Teeth is absurdly flavoursome and tender, but the homeboy Jay Jay (pictured above) does an excellent jerk lobster, as well. Whatever you opt for, it’s almost impossible to go wrong - just make sure you get a roast sweet potato and a crisp, fluffy dumpling to have alongside.