Fish Central

London Restaurant

149-155 Central Street
020 7253 4970

As restaurants go, Fish Central is pretty much perfect. Or at least, it is to me. If you want a glamorous location, elaborate plating and a buzzing ‘scene’, then Fish Central might disappoint you. It’s housed in the ground floor shopping precinct of a council estate, for a start. But if you’re craving a lowkey, family-run establishment, excellent service, and a huge portion of greaseless haddock and chips then you’ll probably love Fish Central as much as I do.

The menu is fairly short and the preparation of the dishes is simple, but who needs foams and reductions when you could have a fat hunk of perfectly roasted cod, tender chargrilled squid, or half a dozen West Mersea rock oysters for £7.50? Fish Central might keep its decor and pricing basic, but the quality of the food and the attention to detail is anything but. There can’t be many neighbourhood restaurants in London that deliver warm mackerel fish cakes as a complimentary amuse bouche and provide a plate of watermelon wedges to round off your meal. This place is no frills, no fuss - just thoughtful gestures, fair prices and really, really good fish.