Fish Shack

Ibiza Restaurant

End of Talamanca Beach

It feels slightly wrong to blast information about a restaurant as pure, simple and untainted as this one all over the Internet, but I can’t keep this place to myself. Ibiza’s fish shack has no website, no address, and no proper name that I’m aware of. You just walk right to the end of Talamanca Bay, scramble up the rocky path beyond Sa Punta restaurant, and pray that it’s open.

If it is, you’ll be met by a small cluster of wooden tables shaded from the baking hot sun by a roof of umbrellas. You’ll sit down and look out at the bay, which stretches all the way to Ibiza’s Old Town in front of you. A waiter will bring over some bread and olives and reel off the day’s menu: ‘Shrimp, squid, Dorada, swordfish’. And about twenty minutes later, you’ll be served a platter of the freshest fish of your life, alongside some inexplicably delicious boiled potatoes slicked in olive oil, and a simple tomato salad.

Afterwards you might want to lounge around sipping ice cold beers, climb down into the sea, or just laze around on the flat rocks and generally feel good about life.