Five Guys

London, Los Angeles, New York Restaurant

1 Long Acre
Greater London

Full-time director/part-time burger connoisseur Luke Monaghan has made it his business to try every burger that crosses his path. He explains why Five Guys burgers are better than the rest…

Choice of Toppings
I’m all for simplicity and having the burger served the way the chef intended it. But the option to add a couple of extras (in Five Guys’ case: anything from hot sauce to jalapeno peppers) can never be a bad thing.

Serving Style
Five Guys burgers are tin foil-wrapped, straight off the grill. This methods not only holds in heat, but also has the effect of melting the cheese to create a juicy, gooey experience when you take the first bite.

Perfect Portions
The standard burger comes with two patties, a bunch of toppings, and a generous portion of fries, so there’s no awkward deliberation about whether one order will actually fill you up.

The fries are crunchy, freshly fried, and absolutely incredible. And there are lots of them.