Griffith Park Hiking

Los Angeles Health & Fitness, Parks

4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles
CA 90027

While it may be true that people don’t really walk in LA (but driving half a mile only to spend ten minutes trying to park? Totally reasonable!) the health-conscious residents of this fair city certainly do like to hike. I’m still not entirely sure of the difference between the two verbs, but I think the key to the latter is that it involves ‘being in nature’ as opposed to ‘choking down smog on the side of Sunset Boulevard’.

One of the nicest, most gratifying, and Instagram-friendly hikes to be taken is the one at Griffith Park, which leads all the way up to the famed Observatory. There are myriad trails of varying difficulty to explore in the Park, but this basic route takes you uphill for around thirty minutes of moderate exertion, where you’re met with incredible views of the city. After you’ve made your descent, refuel with breakfast or coffee at mighty cute cafe, The Trails.