Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe

Los Angeles Restaurant

1014 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica
CA 90401
310 451 2311

Last week I ate a breakfast that tasted like Southern California on a plate: warm quinoa spiked with chunks of roasted farmer’s market butternut squash, kale from the Rutiz farm in Arroyo Grande, and organic two eggs served sunny side up (but of course).

The setting was Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe, located in the prim and pretty beachside city of Santa Monica in west LA. On an uncharacteristically grey Thursday morning, Huckleberry was packed with locals ordering from an impressive list of weekday breakfast dishes, each of which sounded more appealing than the last. Slow-cooked brisket hash? Green eggs and ham with prosciutto and pesto? Soft baked eggs with roasted tomato sauce, white beans and parmesan? My salivary glands were so overwhelmed that I had to just opt before healthiest choice I could find, before full menu-induced paralysis set in.

Luckily, healthy choices in LA tend to taste a lot better than healthy choices elsewhere - something to do with all that incredible fresh produce/subliminal body image pressure, I think. My resolve didn’t prove quite so strong on the way out though, when a cabinet full of baked goods stopped me dead in my tracks. I left with two soft, chewy cookies - one peanut butter, one Valrhona chocolate chip - stashed in my bag for later. You’ve got to counteract the sheer kale-iness of LA somehow.