London Restaurant

119 Upper Street
N1 1QP
020 7424 5153

Isarn, I love you. I love your rich massaman curry and your eye-wateringly spicy seafood soup and your tender chicken satay with the amazing peanut sauce that I have to resist spooning directly into my mouth. I love your tangy lime juice soda with the pretty magenta flower and your light-filled dining room and the fact that you serve brown jasmine rice heaped in ornate silver bowls.

I love your £6.90 bento lunch set, which lets me eat delicious Thai fish cakes AND phad kimoa AND fragrant thom yam soup AND offers a big fat wedge of watermelon to round it all off. Your service is perfect, your complimentary prawn crackers are greaseless, and that little garden you have out the back really is a nice place to have lunch in the summer.

I love the fact that no-one really knows about you. I love you so much that I had to tell people about you. I hope that they love you as much as I do.