London Restaurant

Units 2 and 96
Brixton Village Market
Coldharbour Lane
020 7095 8922

So, Brixton. For a long time it wasn’t hip (not even in an ironic, hipster way) but it definitely is now, due in no small part to the recent flourishing of the middle class foodie mecca that is Brixton Village. There are plenty of great places to eat in the area but Kaosarn is one of the best, offering up some of the most authentic and delicious Thai food you’re likely to find in London.

The restaurant itself is actually a very low-key cafe, and you’ll probably need to book in advance if you want to eat there in the evening. But don’t let that put you off. This family-run gem serves up familiar Thai dishes - pad thai, larb gai, green curry etc. etc. - in a way that makes previous incarnations seem like Tesco ready meals in comparison. It’s all really cheap too: a two course meal set us back about a tenner each, and it’s BYOB. Worth the trek if you live nowhere near Brixton, or a weekly visit if you do.