Kicê Sucos

Rio de Janeiro Cafe, Restaurant

Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 1033
Rio de Janeiro
RJ, 22060-001

Brazil is well known for its love of the white, powdery stuff…by which, of course, I mean sugar. Health-conscious cariocas seem to indulge their national sweet tooth with fructose in vast, vast amounts, which means that on every other corner in Rio you’ll find a suco spot: open street bars groaning with tropical fruits that are juiced and served in every combination imaginable.

It’s hard to go wrong with a freshly squeezed passionfruit, pineapple or guava juice but I developed a particular taste for Brazil’s favourite berry: the açaí. Harvested from the açaí palm, this bright purple berry is bursting with nutritional value but is not naturally sweet to the taste. So, of course, the Brazilians freeze it and blend it with mindblowingly sweet guarana syrup. The end result is a glorious icy pile of fruit that looks not unlike berry sorbet, but has a unique flavour that is already proving depressingly hard to replicate back at home. The best açaí I tried in Rio was here at Kicê Sucos in Copacabana, but I’m sure that there are many other places that do it just as well.