Newington Green Fruit and Vegetables

London Shopping

109 Newington Green Rd
N1 4QY
020 7354 0990

I rarely enjoy the physical process of shopping, but Newington Green Fruit and Vegetables is as close to a perfect retail experience as you’re likely to find anywhere in London. Open 8am-10pm, seven days a week, this shop is almost overflowing with the freshest and best value fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds I’ve ever come across in the city.

Replenishing its stock of everything from the most basic English apples to the rarest breeds of chili pepper on a daily basis, Newington Green Fruit and Vegetables is perfect if you’re seeking the obscure ingredients for a dish of Ottolenghi-esque requirements. It’s even more perfect if you want a quick, affordable place to do your weekly shop: I usually fill two huge canvas bags (they discourage the use of plastic ones) with avocados, vine tomatoes, figs and all sorts of other usually-pricey items for under £15. Actually, the cashiers fill it for you - packing the items efficiently and neatly at the register in a way that ensures your Pakistani honey mangoes (just £1.25 a pop!) never suffer even the smallest bruise. Like I said: just perfect.