Northern Spy

New York Restaurant

511 East 12th Street
New York City
212 228 5100

Northern Spy Food Co. feels like a very true New York kind of restaurant. When I think about eating out in NYC, it’s this type of experience that I call to mind: an inventive, locally-sourced menu, an intimate, slightly industrial dining room, and lots and lots of kale (New Yorkers really love their kale). Places like this are what makes the restaurant culture in the city so great - the attention to detail is always so high, from the killer bread basket to the complimentary salted caramel to end your dinner. You don’t have to be at a Michelin-starred restaurant or in an expensive part of town to have a really memorable meal.

We tried Northern Spy for brunch on a particularly hungover morning and soaked up our headaches with a rich corned beef brisket hash, a refreshing kale and pecorino salad with baked eggs, and crisp, salty potato wedges dipped into tangy malted yoghurt dip. The room was mind-soothingly quiet, the service was efficient and the Fuji Apple mimosa was the most elegant hair of the dog I’ve ever tried. Northern Spy, I won’t forget you.

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