Paul A Young

London Shopping

33 Camden Passage
N1 8EA
020 7424 5750

It’s only when you leave Britain that you become aware of our national obsession with chocolate. There can’t be many other places in the world where even the most basic corner shop is lined with a multicoloured array of chocolate bars, biscuits and buttons in all manner of caramel, nut, raisin, wafer and E number-enhanced variations. But not all chocolate is created equal. I like to inhale a Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky as much as the next girl but sometimes the palette calls for something a bit more refined, does it not?

In such circumstances, Paul A Young hits the spot with its mouthwatering selection of gourmet chocolate bars, homemade truffles and the best brownies you. will. ever. taste. In the winter, you can buy a cup of rich, dark liquid hot chocolate from a bubbling cauldron…which is replaced come summertime by a fridgeful of salted caramel ice-cream - served with a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce, of course.