Pigeon Point Beach

Tobago Beach

Pigeon Point

When you buy a flight to the Caribbean, you are essentially shelling out five hundred or so pounds for a few days of life spent in a place like this. Baby powder soft sand, swaying palm trees, turquoise water as clear as an ice cube. A thatch-roofed jetty. A shack that sells fresh crab and coconut water and sticky peanut brittle. A boat that will take you out towards Nylon Pool - a 3 feet deep, crystal clear oasis of water that suddenly emerges in the depths of the Caribbean Sea, and is said to have health-enhancing properties.

Pigeon Point isn’t the stuff of deserted tropical island fantasies (you have to pay a small fee to get in, and there are a couple of commercial cafes and bars dotted along its shoreline) but it’s still the closest to paradise that I’ve ever been - a beach so beautiful that it sort of makes your eyes ache when you try to take it all in.