Strawberry Hill

Jamaica Hotel

+1 876-944-8400

A trip to Strawberry Hill feels more like a spiritual retreat than a luxury hotel stay. As you ascend the road up from bustling Kingston to the hotel’s Blue Mountains perch, the noise and dirt and heat give way to an atmosphere to cool, crisp, calm. At the hotel itself, individual cottages are decorated in a soothing all-white palette and scattered with luxurious touches: Caribbean ‘caviar’ in the mini-bar, hammocks on the deck, views that are almost too overwhelming to take in.

But don’t hide away in your room - there’s a roomful of Platinum discs to explore (the personal collection of Strawberry Hill’s owner, Mr Chris Blackwell), a restaurant serving a traditional Jamaican breakfast of ackee, saltfish, and plantain, and a bar where you can get a killer fresh mango daiquiri (made, of course, with Blackwell’s very own rum). Take one out to the infinity pool and sip it as you take in views of the island that stretch all the way to Kingston, 3100ft below. Jamaica’s capital city looks - and feels - a very long way away.