The High Line

New York Parks

210 10th Ave
New York
NY 10011
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New York City is a wonderful place, but sometimes its swarming residents, extreme climate and screeching cabs can all just get a bit much. When such moments arise, the best thing to do is to seek refuge in a green and tranquil space. Only problem is that, Central Park aside, the city doesn’t really have too much of that.

That’s why the High Line - a 1-mile strip of park, elevated high above street level in Manhattan’s West Side - is one of New York’s best assets. Climb up a flight of stairs in the heart of the hectic Meatpacking District and you’ll find yourself transported to a serene, green wonderland, with postcard views of the Hudson River. Take the tree-lined boardwalk all the way to the other end at 34th street in Chelsea (stopping for a nectarine chai ice lolly from People’s Pops or a cup of Blue Bottle Coffee at one of the food vendors en route), then turn around and head right back to where you started.