The Walrus And The Carpenter

Seattle Restaurant

4743 Ballard Ave NW
WA 98107
(+1) 206 395-9227

Seattle’s The Walrus and the Carpenter is near enough everything you want a restaurant to be. Or rather, it’s near enough everything that I want a restaurant to be. That means: a colourful, seasonal menu that’s heavy on fresh seafood, regional cheeses, and non-virtuous salad and vegetable dishes. A light and chic dining room, adorned with a coral chandelier and cool, tattooed staff. A laidback reggae soundtrack. An open kitchen, where you can play voyeur at the vantage point of the bar (from which they also serve up excellent cocktails). Oh, and the best oysters I’ve ever had.

The only drawback? It’s tiny, and they don’t take reservations. Join the line that forms at the 4pm opening time and be prepared to wait. It’s worth it.