Tina, We Salute You

London Cafe

47 King Henry’s Walk
N1 4NH
020 3119 0047

When you’re a freelance journalist (or freelance anything, for that matter), you tend to have a rotating roster of Places You Go To Work. Sometimes, when you’re on deadline, it’s a library. Sometimes, when you’re feeling supremely lazy, it’s your sofa. And most of the time, it’s a coffee shop.

For me, a coffee shop has to fit a number of criteria before it makes it onto the list. These include, but are not limited to: good coffee, fast wi-fi, inoffensive background music, friendly staff, comfortable seating, healthy/affordable snack options, and a reasonable proximity to my house. Checking all these boxes and a few more besides, Tina, We Salute You quickly made it into my London top five.

Located on the quiet back streets of De Beauvoir, the curiously named Tina’s was always perfect on days when I wanted/needed to work in or around Dalston, but couldn’t cope with the Stoke Newington Road strip. The flat whites are perfect, the atmosphere is really tranquil, and the sandwiches and homemade baked beans are served on some of the best bread I’ve ever eaten. Tina’s sun-facing corner location and wraparound pavement seating meant that it also became one of my favourite Places To Go On Sunny Days too, but that’s another list entirely.