Trident Hotel

Jamaica Hotel

Anchovy STP
Port Antonio, Jamaica
+1 876-633-7000

Port Antonio’s Trident Hotel induces gasps at every turn. The perfect symmetry of the infinity pool, framed by the open lobby and fringed by a lush green lawn. The private plunge pools in each of the thirteen villas, which merge seamlessly with the Caribbean sea. The outdoor baths hidden behind stone walls with cut-out windows, that let you watch the sunset as you soak. The fresh, clean minimalism of the suites, which are big enough to take a jog around. The effusive hospitality of the staff, who efficiently cater to your every wish and whim. And the bill at the end of your stay, which is equally likely to prompt a sharp intake of breath. Think of your stay at Trident as a once-in-a-lifetime luxury, and go back to enjoying that view.